Are Entry Level IT Jobs too Demanding?

Anyone who ventures into the world of Information Technology really has their work cut-out for them.  The rate at which technology changes can be overwhelming, especially to those who are trying to get their foot in the door with an #EntryLevelIT position.  I am on track to finally finish my BA in Information Systems in November 2013, and what a wonderful day that will be!  But once I’ve graduated, then what?  I started my degree in 2006 as an active duty soldier.  Being in the military is time-consuming and demanding, which in turn means a slower journey to a degree.  I wouldn’t trade that time for the world, but I can’t help but feel my stomach twist up when thinking about how much technology has changed since I started my degree.  It is definitely my fault for not keeping better track of technological advances and if one truly wants to be successful in this field, he/she will have to keep their eye on newest developments, maintain certifications and gain whatever experience they can along the way through entry-level IT positions.  I’ve attached to this post a link to a couple articles about this very situation and what it is taking to get into IT.  It looks as if companies are trying to get more for less and that is making it hard for college grads to get into the field.  Finding an entry-level position or an internship that doesn’t have unrealistic requirements is hard to find and making it very competitive for newcomers.  After reading this and looking back on my educational adventure, I think I’m going to finish my BA in Information Systems and then go for my Masters in Business Administration – aiming towards the management side instead.  I just don’t have the motivation to keep up with technology at a level required to be successful in the tech world, and that’s ok.  Everyone needs to battle out in their own minds what they REALLY want to do with their careers and the road they want to follow.  Where do you stand?


LinkedIn Article:  What are the five most important things you look for in an entry-level IT professional?
PoliticalFiber Article:  Is an Internship the New Entry-Level Job?


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